Photos: Above & Beyond Acoustic wows L.A. (with surprise guest Skrillex)

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Last night, Sunday October 14, inthemix joined thousands of Above & Beyond devotees at L.A.’s iconic Greek Theatre for a one-of-a-kind show. Sharply dressed in suits and surrounded by a full ensemble of musicians, this was a very different side to Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki. The trio’s acoustic show was debuted at London’s Porchester Hall earlier this year, and the Greek Theatre was the perfect setting to bring it to America. Under the stars, the Above & Beyond catalogue was reimagined with guitar, piano, harp, drums, cello and four-piece string section, without losing any of the tingly moments we know from their DJ sets.

“The fact that we can go to America and play to ten thousand people with an acoustic show, given people know us for dance music, is pretty amazing,” Grant told inthemix in the lead-up to the shows. “It shows how dedicated America is. No one’s ever heard the songs in that way, but actually it’s closer to the way we write them.”

For the crowd at the Greek Theatre, the set delivered something unexpected to brag about, too. Introduced casually by McGuiness as Sonny Moore, L.A.’s everywhere-man Skrillex strolled out and strapped on a guitar for a shimmering version of “Black Room Boy”. Rukes was there to capture the sold-out event, so take a scroll through his official photos right here.

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