Headhunterz and Krewella use internet bullying as fuel in “United Kids of the World” video


We’ve written before about Headhunterz — in our minds, the unofficial U.S. ambassador of hardstyle — and the vitriolic comments he’s received after experimenting with his sound and collaborating with other artists. He defended himself eloquently in a recent Huffington Post editorial but, in the just-released video for “United Kids of the World,” he and Krewella put those words into action. The clip takes the positive, anti-bullying message of the track and brings it to life in a very real way.

The video opens with Krewella’s Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf reciting sexist, racist tweets — all real — that they’ve received since rocketing to EDM stardom. As they continue reading aloud, the girls get a message from Headhunterz (aka Willem Rebergen) inviting them to a rally-meets-dance-party in downtown L.A.; they’re joined by hundreds of enthusiastic fans who rage along with the trio.

Interspersed throughout the video are various instances of bullying, taking place everywhere from a school locker room to an Instagram post’s comment section. All of this, of course, is accompanied by Rebergen’s signature, hard-hitting kick drum and impassioned vocals from the Yousaf sisters.

“We were just brainstorming ideas and it came up in the studio,” Yasmine says of the song’s genesis. “We were really inspired by NoH8 and anti bullying [campaigns].” Jahan adds, “Despite what our difference are – ethnicity, gender, race, sexual preference – there’s one thing we can all unite together about and that’s dance music.”

Aside from wanting to help Rebergen spread his message, the Yousaf sisters have had a particular love of hardstyle for years. In an interview with Jahan, she told inthemix, “I’d say in the past four or five months we’ve been noticing a positive reaction to hardstyle – it’s cool to see people are finally accepting of it. And we absolutely love it.”

We think this song, and the cult followings of the artists who created it, will only lead to more acceptance of hardstyle… and, hopefully, of other dance fans as well. Watch the inspiring video below.

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