Hardwell: “Nobody knows I ghost-wrote a current Beatport Top Ten hit”


It turns out that even if you’re voted the world’s number one DJ, it still doesn’t hurt to do a little ghost-producing for other artists on the side. While young gun Martin Garrix revealed recently that, before he wrote the mega-hit “Animals”, he ghost-produced a “really big” track for an artist on Spinnin’ Records, in a chat with inthemix last night, the DJ Mag Top 100 leader Hardwell revealed that he too still dabbles as a ghost-producer.

“I’m fine with ghost-producing,” Hardwell told us, “but then again I don’t like it when…if you’re not producing your own tracks then just be honest, say ‘you know what, I’m a good DJ but I can’t produce my own songs, I got help,’ I think that’s fair. Because honestly, you can hear it, because every single track sounds totally different. Everybody in the scene knows who works with ghost-producers.”

He then let us in on a surprising fact. “The funny thing is,” he said, “nobody knows I have a current Beatport Top Ten hit with a track not under my name, a track that I ghost-produced, and nobody’s noticing it. But if people listen closely to the top ten, for sure they’re gonna hear which track it is.”

The good news is that, even with a constant touring schedule (taking him to Miami, Washington, New York and of course his Hakkasan residency in Las Vegas before the year is done) and the occasional ghost-producing job, Hardwell is still on track to write his debut album, with a tentative release date of August next year – and it’ll be more experimental than a straight-up mainstage set, he revealed.

“I have the whole month of January off to work on the album,” he revealed to inthemix. “I’m focusing more on my producer side instead of my DJ side, keeping in mind that I’ll want to play some records at festivals, but I think it’s really cool to experiment with different kinds of music. I don’t want the album to sound like a live set.”

See if you can pick which Beatport Top Ten track is by Hardwell with another artist’s name on it.

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