Four Tet wants you to know he’s not Burial, now f*ck off


With a total absence of press shots, not a single live show to his name and, until a few years ago, a total veil of anonymity, the identity of elusive beatmaker has long been a source of intrigue. Over the years, speculation’s pointed to the likes of , and even graffiti legend Bansky as being behind the Burial moniker. So in 2008, the dubstep hero came out to clear things up: “I’m a lowkey person and I just want to make some tunes, nothing else,” a post on MySpace (remember that?) read. “My name’s Will Bevan, I’m from South London.” Bevan even included a grainy photo of himself for reference.

Still, there’s a few fans who don’t seem to have got the message. “I have never said ever that I am Burial anywhere,” came one of the last in a series of exasperated tweets from last night. As a cursory glance at Kieren Hebden’s Twitter makes clear, “Are you Burial?” is a question the producer contends with a lot more than he’d like (there’s even a whole Tumblr devoted to the hypothesis). Overnight – with the rumour mill in full swing – the Londoner went to lengths to make it clear that despite boasting a few collaborations with the producer, he is not Burial.

“You should all show a bit more respect for Will Bevan who is Burial,” Hebden’s last tweet reads. “One of the greatest musicians/producers of our time.” But it was Burial’s Hyperdub label boss who had the last word. “Burial is Tiesto,” he tweeted yesterday. “Now fuck off.”

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