Armin on dance music’s unfair stigma: “I’ve never used drugs in my life”


Back in September, trance trailblazer Armin van Buuren stepped onto the Main Stage at TomorrowWorld to bring the three-day festival to a close (wearing a t-shirt Breaking Bad fans could really get behind). While on the ground at Chattahoochee Hills, the superstar DJ sat down for an interview with Fusion TV, who coin him as ”the man behind trance”. Finding Armin in candid form, Fusion TV heard what he considers an unfair criticism levelled at dance music culture.

“I think the most annoying misconception about EDM right now is the whole drug misuse [topic],” the headliner defended. “I think the focus is on that way too much. EDM has this stigma of ‘rave scene’ or whatever and I want to stress that it happens at rock concerts, too. I don’t think that’s fair. I’ve never used drugs in my life. You don’t need drugs to have an amazing time, you really don’t. And we need to look out after each other – that’s the most important thing. There’s always going to be a few idiots out there who want to ruin it for the rest.”

Just as Tommie Sunshine argued in his Guest Editorial for inthemix, Armin isn’t listening to the naysayers who believe the bubble’s about the burst. “I don’t know if I necessarily like the term EDM, but you can put any label on it. The fact is, it’s no longer a phenomenon or a hype. It’s a cultural thing, it’s something that moves a generation of people. I think it has the size of when my parents were listening to The Beatles or when people were going to Woodstock. And it’s not so much about certain particular DJs or certain artists. It’s a celebration of life, and this is not going to go away.”

But trance devotees will be pleased to hear their idol isn’t planning on shifting gears anytime soon. “I like to stick to this sound because I believe in it,” he assured. “I’m a trance lover at heart. I’d probably pull more people if I just played house or something, but that’s not close to my heart.” Watch the full interview here, then see the man at work in the TomorrowWorld booth below.

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  • Ben Murk

    Oh ya please don’t play house we have enough sell outs in that arena….

  • Ben Murk

    And of course you don’t need drugs to have a good time but when your legs are about to give out, you can’t move any more and the party is halfway over, a bit of molly will go a long way to get you to the end lol